HIS school for HIS Glory

As I heard what had been discovered my heart dropped.  I couldn’t believe that after working on Bellevue Mountain for over a year and not having ANYTHING stolen, it had happened.  The sadness of knowing that something was taken from Bellevue Mountain crushed me…it didn’t matter that it was only a small piece of plywoodContinue reading “HIS school for HIS Glory”


We’d been cleaning his wounds for nearly a week.  A terrible burn on his heel that was nearly to the bone, infected and dirty.  Him and his brother were all students in my school so I knew a lot about him, but not everything.   One day he showed up with a beautiful young girl,Continue reading “Wrestling.”

Darkness and the Light.

From the very beginning when I arrived in Haiti, I’ve always talked about this place being a nation built on slavery, bondage and voodoo.  I’ve heard stories of Voodoo ceremonies, Voodoo spirits and demons here in Haiti, but never strongly experienced any of it myself until recently… Last week as we started pursuing the landContinue reading “Darkness and the Light.”

Breaking the cycle.

Sometimes when things happen here in Haiti it takes weeks or months to get things out of my head and heart and onto paper….sometimes they aren’t even able to come out of my head into cohesive sentences at all….but then sometimes things happen and God prompts me to start writing immediately… this is something thatContinue reading “Breaking the cycle.”