God of ALL comfort.

Today, there are no words. One of our 6th grade students passed away abruptly last night in a “hospital” in the next town over during a routine procedure.  He was a gifted soccer player on our team and he was #1 in his 6th grade class at Respire Haiti Christian School.  Beauvoir’s friends adored himContinue reading “God of ALL comfort.”

What we’ve been up to lately…

The last month has consisted of a trip to the states to share about what God’s doing with Respire Haiti, returning back to amazing building progress on our Secondary school and much more with our school and other projects!! Since it’s SO much to write about I figured some pictures would do a better jobContinue reading “What we’ve been up to lately…”

HIS school for HIS Glory

As I heard what had been discovered my heart dropped.  I couldn’t believe that after working on Bellevue Mountain for over a year and not having ANYTHING stolen, it had happened.  The sadness of knowing that something was taken from Bellevue Mountain crushed me…it didn’t matter that it was only a small piece of plywoodContinue reading “HIS school for HIS Glory”

Darkness and the Light.

From the very beginning when I arrived in Haiti, I’ve always talked about this place being a nation built on slavery, bondage and voodoo.  I’ve heard stories of Voodoo ceremonies, Voodoo spirits and demons here in Haiti, but never strongly experienced any of it myself until recently… Last week as we started pursuing the landContinue reading “Darkness and the Light.”