Walking in his shoes…

The needs of this country are hard to see everyday.  Death is hard to see.  Hunger is hard when it knocks at your gate every day.  Poverty is hard when they are your physical neighbors. But for me, the hardest part of every day is seeing children at home, washing dishes or clothes, cooking, cleaningContinue reading “Walking in his shoes…”

Not My Life.

Going to visit my home state of Louisiana is so bittersweet.   It’s always difficult to leave Gressier, Haiti and especially my girls- but getting to see my family and friends is always refreshing and exciting. But this time home was extremely difficult…I guess though the longer I’m in Haiti the harder it is to leaveContinue reading “Not My Life.”

As the Dust Settles…

  For those of you that did not read about Son of God orphanage, you should probably read that post before reading this one.   _____________________ These last few days have involved a roller coaster of emotion…frustration, doubt, joy, peace, confusion and more…it’s included successes, big ones…and failures…even bigger. Fighting for almost a year forContinue reading “As the Dust Settles…”

The Impossible

“Sister Megan!”…”Teacher Megan!”…”Momma Megan!”….”Megans!”…”Morgans!”….”Sister Morgan!”… the names that I am called go on and on…if it even sounds close to my name I answer…it’s laughable and loveable the fact that people who don’t know my real name call out to me when I’m walking around Gressier…sometimes I even wake up in my bed to childrenContinue reading “The Impossible”