Miracle on Voodoo Mountain.

I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I’ve written about all that God has done (and is doing) here in Gressier.

LOTS has happened…and my mind, heart and spirit are looking forward to begin blogging again.

I’ve spent the last 7+ months writing a book about the last 3 years….

When I was first approached by Thomas Nelson Publishing to write about my journey in Gressier, I was extremely hesitant, and nervous…but as I prayed more about everything I realized, GOD’s story needs to be shared.

He has done MIRACLES here on a small hilltop in Haiti..and To HIM be the Glory.

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Excited to begin blogging again 🙂

10 thoughts on “Miracle on Voodoo Mountain.

  1. I just got finished reading your book. I don’t know if the time shows up on these postings, but I read it all in one sitting and I just want to say how blessed I am by your ministry and your willingness to share Gods miracles with everyone. It’s crazy to me to see that God’s miracles didn’t just stop in Bible days. And it’s humbling to know that God still uses us in this mission and Ministry even though He really doesn’t need our help. Thank you for listening to God and writing that book. I will pray for you and your Ministry and will do whatever I can to help, whenever I can to help. 😊😊 God is doing great things.

  2. Loved your book! Passed it on to my 12-year-old daughter who stayed up all night to finish it. Then read it aloud to my 2 younger daughters who are 9 and 5. You had all of us enthralled. Thank you for inspiring us and reminding us to listen to God’s call wherever that leads. We are praying for you, your family, your ministry and sweet Gabriel wherever he is. As we all finished the book snuggled on the bed together last night, the older girls pointed out that it was now January 22–Josh and Megan’s anniversary! They wanted to wish you a happy anniversary and to encourage you to keep following hard after Jesus! Sending you much love from your Californian sisters in Christ.

  3. I can not begin to tell you how your book touched me! Upon reading this blog entry, I see that you were hesitant to share your journey? I cannot imagine this story NOT being shared. Because of your book, I am again able to feel the power of God’s love. I’d almost forgotten it even existed. Thank you for going out on a limb and sharing with us something that needed to be brought to public attention.

    I am an American so along with that comes many gifts and privileges some of the poor children of Haiti will never see. However, I am the daughter of severe abuse so my heart cried out when I read some of the stories… especially the stories from Son of God Orphanage. I was angered in a way I didn’t think I could feel anger anymore. Wow. In any case, now that I’ve read the book, I feel a call to action and you can trust and believe I have one of the loudest mouths God’s put on this great big earth of ours so I’m hoping to awaken other people’s sense of justice and humanity by spreading the word and by just allowing God to use me, however that looks to Him.

    Megan… God bless you for having the courage to LISTEN to “that still small voice” and to have the faith enough to know God was there and you weren’t alone. I still can’t wrap my mind around how afraid you must have been. I’ve been there (in different ways) and now I remember how scary listening to God’s voice can be… I’d almost forgotten. I know you may think you’d been called to write this book for the reason of spreading awareness for your wonderful and worthy cause. I want you to know that your book touched me deeply and awakened me spiritually (along with bringing awareness). I needed to be reminded that God is big and loves even the smallest sparrow.

    Also know that I’ve been praying for Respire Haiti and all the Restaveks and poor little orphans since your book arrived. This is truly one of the biggest gifts I’ve received in so long and I thank you again. (((huggs))) and many blessings.

  4. I just read your book, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. My eyes have been opened to being a true missionary and to truely waiting on the Lord. I know that I am not called to be a missionary but your book has stirred up something in me. I am listening for God to tell me what that is. I pray for you daily.
    May God richly bless you and Josh and all who are serving in Haiti with you!

  5. LOVED the book! I’m on my second time reading it..I cant wait to make it back to Haiti, you did so well capturing the sights,sounds,smells of Haiti. Oh those crazy Haitian roosters that crow at all hours …sigh
    SO proud of the wonderful work that is happening over there…
    Big hugs and prayers go out to you and your family

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