SheLovesMagazine: Reclaimed, Retrieved and Redeemed.

“The enemy’s purpose on earth is to kill, steal and destroy. And often times it feels like he is succeeding, like we are fighting a losing battle. But then I remember, the war has already been won…”

Read the rest of this blog on SheLovesMagazine.  Blessed to have the opportunity to share what God is teaching me in Haiti and through   Will Reagan’s awesome song Take Back.


2 thoughts on “SheLovesMagazine: Reclaimed, Retrieved and Redeemed.

  1. Megan, I love you and always lift you up in prayer. I know how hard and blessed life in Haiti can be. Staying focused on the Lord is what kept me from going crazy during my time there. I know how much you love Him; He will lead if you follow.
    Sr. Martha Ann

    Sr. Martha Ann Abshire | Campus Minister
    Our Lady of the Lake College
    5414 Brittany Drive | Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    225-490-1685 P

  2. Megan, your story has touched my heart and I would like to help. Any financial help will be limited at the present time but I can sew fairly decently if you have need for simple clothing, especially for the girls. I live in Lafayette and saw your post on Karen Kulbeth’s Fb page–my son and her sons played baseball together. Please tell me how I can help! You are in my prayers.
    Love and blessings,
    vickie franks

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