What we’ve been up to lately…

The last month has consisted of a trip to the states to share about what God’s doing with Respire Haiti, returning back to amazing building progress on our Secondary school and much more with our school and other projects!!

Since it’s SO much to write about I figured some pictures would do a better job at telling about the month of November!!

Had the amazing opportunity to speak in front of numerous groups and churches about what God has done and is doing in Haiti.
In Nashville, TN with the AMAZING 147 ladies during the fundraiser that they put on for Respire Haiti’s Medical Center! Blessed to know these beautiful women of God 🙂


Respire Haiti Christian Schools first ever FIELD DAY! Fun day of games, races and more! 🙂 The children LOVED it and so did we!!!


Every Friday at Respire Haiti Christian School is MOVIE DAY for a special class. This picture is from 3rd grade and they had PERFECT attendance for a whole week…40 children (I know HUGE CLASS) but 40 out of 40 were present EVERY DAY for a week!!!

Thanks to an amazing team, we have playground equipment! Swings, Monkey Bars and Tether Balls!! SO exciting to see the children play at recess and after school! BIG Thanks to Mr. George, Mr. Paul and Mandy!!!
One of Respire Haiti Christian School’s Soccer Team warming up!
Secondary School…SO close to being finished! Block is done and the roof will be going up soon! 4 more classrooms almost finished, which will mean a total of 14…FOURTEEN classes on Bellevue Mountain 🙂

What our Secondary School will look like soon! Beautiful design by Kyle Fishburn!

We are SO blessed by all that God is doing here in Gressier, and we are CONSTANTLY reminded of HIS vision here for Respire Haiti.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and most importantly your PRAYERS! 🙂

The following link is to our Holiday Gift Catalog, if you are looking for a way to support Respire Haiti OR give gifts on behalf of friends or family, please visit our Gift Catalog to see how you can support us by buying things like shinguards, blocks, shoes, medicine, books and more for our children here in Gressier!  Thank you! 🙂

One thought on “What we’ve been up to lately…

  1. Megan, Pastor Dave (from Wilson UMC) here. Might you be able to send me a digital copy of Respire Haiti’s logo? Were creating cards donation cards that will hang on a gift tree at church. Thanks

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