Sweet Birthday Girl!

Today sweet and stubborn, sassy and loving Jessica turned 5!

It is absolutely AMAZING to see how Jesus has transformed this precious child.  How when she came into our family in August she was fearful, angry and rough- now this sweet girl is JOYFUL, LOVING and GENTLE (most…okay…some of the time 🙂 haha).


Of course we still have our moments 🙂 but my heart just SMILES to hear her pray before bed, to see her be so gentle with children who aren’t feeling well, and to see how God is growing and changing her heart.

8 months ago I had NO idea what this child had been through before she literally got dropped off on my door step.  My life has FOREVER changed since she has stepped into it.  God has been SO faithful and gentle in guiding our steps.  He has been so graceful as we have learned together and grown together.

What a beautiful journey…

Happy Birthday Sweet Jessie!  We LOVE you!! 🙂

Love, Megan and Micha

6 thoughts on “Sweet Birthday Girl!

  1. Give her a big ole Happy Birthday from Texas!
    Your comments remind me of when I ran a preschool for the children of teachers and administrators in our school district. When te little girls reached age five they became bossy little mother hens, clucking over all the little biddies. And they sure could keep the little boys in line! We gave them lots of age-appropriate jobs to be in charge of like folding towels aspecial way, sweeping those pesky dust webs off the baseboards – anything to give them control of something that wouldn’t fight back! It kept us busy finding them responsibilities but it sure was more peaceful and gave them safe things to have control over. And they loved our appreciation of their efforts, of course. Blessings!

  2. Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl!!!! Sending lots of love and hugs and kisses to the Gressier family from Cincinnati 🙂 Miss you guys!

  3. Happy birthday sweet girl. God bless all of you in Gressier. I can’t wait to come back and see you all.

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