The enemy is Not Happy.

Walking through the Miami airport last night this feeling came over my whole body.  It felt like I couldn’t breathe, as I walked to baggage claim my heart beat fast and anxiety crept in.  I couldn’t figure out why I was anxious…was it because I was traveling?  Was it because I hadn’t seen my girls in so long?  Or was it because I was sad to leave and nervous?  But as I answered NO, to all of these questions, the anxiety didn’t go away.


I decided to get a hotel room since I could tell it would be a long night of fighting off whatever it was that had crept into my heart and mind.  As soon as I entered the hotel room at 10:30pm it got worse.  I prayed to not be anxious.  And I realized this feeling was not anxiety.  I prayed to not be fearful.  And I realized that this feeling was not fear.  Finally, I knew what it was.  Oppression.  My heart beat faster as I became keenly aware of the spiritual oppression almost tangible in the air.  I prayed. It thickened in my room as I crawled into bed.  I called one of my good friends who spoke Truth into me and prayed for me.  And then I tried to go to bed again.  The oppressive feeling grew…I grabbed my bible and read a few verses…I switched on and off the light, opened and closed my bible at least a dozen times trying to work past this feeling so I could go to sleep.  As my eyes became heavy and my mind was racing through scripture….I slowly dozed off to sleep for an hour…as I was awakened by my alarm I sat up quickly, checked my heart and immediately praised God for feeling better.


I quickly jumped in the shower, packed up and headed to get on the plane to Port au Prince.  In the Miami airport the oppression returned but my excitement to get home and see my girls at the airport (they didn’t have school- Mardi Gras)  overshadowed any other feelings I was having.


Through the ride on the airplane I was lucky enough to sit next to a guy with a very interesting job working with aviation here in Haiti…so thankfully I was pretty distracted.


The second I stepped off the plane it was like a HUGE cloud of oppression surrounded me again.  This feeling met with the thick, hot air of Haiti was like a recipe for disaster.  As we got on the bus to get our luggage, I witnessed a young girl step off the bus to run away and puke in a corner outside, I thought that maybe I was next.  I had felt spiritual warfare before, but NEVER this strongly and for this long.


I continued to pray the whole way through immigration and customs and was finally met by the sweet, beautiful faces of my girls.  My heart rejoiced and I felt a peace with finally seeing them!!!


Through dinner and as I put them to bed I could feel the oppression creeping in again…I began singing as we bathed.  My girls and I prayed vigorously with Rita downstairs before heading upstairs when finally I felt like I could breathe again.  I could feel the OVERCOMER overpowering the Oppression.

My heart felt released.  As I worked through (and discussed) this oppression I just KNEW this was going to happen sooner or later.  Where God is doing SO many amazing things, the enemy gets angry.  When God is growing, loving and teaching amazing vessels, the enemy feels threatened.  Respire Haiti is a THREAT to the enemies plan to destroy…and because Respire Haiti is truly GIVING these children a new life by teaching them their identity in HIM….the enemy cringes.


I know that over the next few days and months and years this will not be the first time this happens.  The enemy is angry because GOD IS SUCCEEDING.  God is CHANGING Gressier and the people here.


This does NOT make him happy.


After returning to Haiti refreshed and renewed spiritually and with spending HOURS and HOURS of time researching laws, restaveks, education and childrens rights and speaking to many individuals who have worked on this for years, I have never felt so EQUIPPED to FIGHT for these Restaveks and vulnerable children in Haiti.


I KNOW that the spiritual warfare will not stop here or now.  But, God is STRONGER,  He is more Powerful and most importantly He has already won the battle.  🙂

14 thoughts on “The enemy is Not Happy.

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly your feelings. I really appreciated that you shared the steps you took to alleviate that. Praising God that you have a friend that you could call late at night to pray for you! What a blessing and gift. Glad you are reunited with your girls!!!

  2. Dearest Megan,
    I know exactly what you are talking about and have even had that same oppression start in the Miami airport on my way to Haiti!!! (The evil one is so un-orginal). Almost everyone I know who says, “yes, i will go serve Jesus in Haiti” is attacked. My back went out for 7 months before we moved to the island. That time before Easter is really hard there too – the enemy does not like Resurrection – especially Christs’. Anyway, praise God that you knew what was happening and God’s Holy Spirit revived you. We will praying all the more….

  3. Freedom comes in lots of areas. Thanks for sharing your fight to be free from the crippling forces of an enemy who wants us to forget he is already defeated.

    I appreciate you boldness in sharing your experience. What is in the darkness must be brought to light. Too many Christians don’t recognize the attack of the enemy. Too many are living as spiritual restaveks–living in bondage to an uncaring master.

    George and I will redouble our prayers for you, your children, your team and the precious people of Haiti.

  4. He is not happy at all with the work you are doing for God. May I suggest two things: One is to invoke the name of Jesus in telling him to leave. The other is the St. Michael prayer – asking for the help of the archangel typically depicted as God’s foremost soldier.

    St. Michael the archangel, defend us in the battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou, o Prince of the Heavenly Host,
    by the power of God, thrust into Hell all the evil spirits
    who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

    I use both of these when I feel I am in danger.

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  6. Megan, amen to overcoming the enemy with Christ’s power and authority over him! We have been attacked by him many times and know the struggle! I will pray for the enemy to be rebuked and that you will run forward with what God has called you to do! Give our love to the girls, Rita, Josh, Kyle, and all the sweet women at the house.

    In His Love, Linda

  7. Megan, thank you for sharing this. Know that I will be praying for you. I am so glad I am now linked to your webiste and receive updates daily on FB from you and your work there in Haiti. I believe God is calling Mike and I to be a part of your work, whether thru financial support, prayer support or other involvement. I will continue to pray for you to remain steadfast, unmovable in your work. To stand firm and resist the enemy, and to fight the good fight. It is hard enough to faithfully minister and incredibly hard when spiritual warfare moves with such oppressive force. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. He will sustain you. He will strengthen you, He is able more than able to accomplish what concerns you today. Put on the full armor of God, ready for battle every day, you cannot let up. I know you know this, always be on the offensiive. I am so proud of you for fighting so well by yourself in that hotel room and calling a friend, and for recognizing the battle and girding yourself with the truth. He will overcome. Praise God that he overcame and showed you his strength in the midst of battle…there will be more, as you well know, but do not fear, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. He is mighty to save. With love and thanksgiving for you and your sincere faith and the work you are doing to spread the gospel in the darkness of Haiti. God Bless you and keep you, Megan, God make his face shine upon you and give you peace. Love, Laurie Stanton

  8. So proud of you Megan~So Wonderful to see you overcome the enemy through Christ power and strenghth. Through him you and your team are doing AMAZING things to reach these children . You are so strong Megan, I can only pray to be half the strong christian woman/mother you have become~~so proud of you. Sending prayers up for you my friend :)…

  9. Dearest Megan,
    You dont know me but we are sisters in Christ and so related. To read your experieance this morning explained so much to me . I and the ladies in my new Womens Bible Study have been praying for you and your lovley family in Haiti. The Lord has given me an idea to raise money for His plans for you and your school. My friend Julie and I (Stephanie Duplantis Scotland UK Charlotte Farrugia Knee’s mom) are going to be bakeing and selling these items in the community. We have hit every obsticle that we could and the last two weeks I have spent my days just wanting to cry all the time. Not knowing what this was about I just prayed with out ceasing and moved forward trusting God to over come. Yesterday I finally felt a lifting of heaveyness. This morning I read about your chalange and know what has been going on. I have delt with this sort of thing before and am amazed that I didn’t recignize it and rejoice in it. Thank you! Thank You Jesus! I am so blessed. For Jesus has overcome the world!

  10. Just to reiterate what I just wrote and lost – satan doesn’t even want you encouraged by notes from your prayer partners. We will be praying specifically for your protection and strength physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. May God surround you with His protection which is so very much stronger than the strongest of satan’s servants. May the outpouring of God’s love thru grace and mercy be your sword and shield. May He continually be glorifed by the work He is doing thru you with the children. We thank you for going in our stead.

  11. Hey Megan,

    My name is Jenn. HaitiServe told me I need to check out your site. They were sure we would be friends. Well, love your website and your heart! If you ever visit Cap Haitien you should give us a shout. Well, keep being amazing.

  12. I am impressed, that you understood that it was spiritual warfare. And you proved that you got what it takes to defeat the attacks of the enemy. Which is faith, staying connected to Jesus and you will never lose a battle.

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