Remembering Haiti…

This week we remembered the earthquake that happened 2 years ago…a day that changed so many people’s lives…there is no way to adequately describe the journey, or roller coaster really, that so many of these men, women and children have been on here in Haiti.

The National Palace in Port au Prince.

There is no way that the community of Gressier that was so badly hit by the earthquake and experienced so much pain can forget January 12, 2010…their wounds are deep, they are still hurting and for some their scars are on the outside…but one thing that I realized this past Monday as I celebrated one year since I moved to Gressier, is that God is continuing to bring healing, positive change and encouragement to this community.

January 9, 2012 marked the official first day of Respire Haiti Christian School on Bellevue Mountain…

Words cannot describe the joy in seeing my 1st-6th grade children walk 2 by 2 up to Bellevue Mountain leaving behind their packed, one room church classroom and outside tarps and benches…

As they made the short walk up Bellevue Mountain…the excitement in their step and joy in their faces was unforgettable…

When they made it to the school they were prayed over by teachers and staff…

Then they prayed for each other and the next semester ahead….

They got excited to be seated in their new classrooms (still missing some benches) but happy to finally have a room of their own…

Our 3rd grade class (lacking some benches which were still being worked on) but happy to be in their new classroom!

Beautiful Bellevue Mountain.  FINALLY a place for them to play that is NOT surrounded by rebar sticking out or crumbled buildings and rubble…

But instead has plenty of room for them to run, laugh and play soccer (even if it is with a water bottle).

Tears of JOY welled up in my eyes as I took a deep breath and saw what God can accomplish when we are obedient…I thought of the times of unknown and how he showed up…I thought of the times where I didn’t even know if I would have enough money to buy groceries…I thought of the time when God told me HIS plans for this community…

Thank you to all who thought of Haiti this week, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and is supporting Respire Haiti financially, with prayer, encouragement or visits which made this first building possible!  We are almost finished with our water cistern and beginning our depot and Kindergarten building now!  The children of Gressier and I are forever grateful for this life changing opportunity to see God so BOLDLY at work in our community.  THANK YOU.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Haiti…

  1. What a beautiful sight seeing the children walk up the mountain. I will hold dear that vision. God is soooo good.

  2. thank you Megan for listening to that quiet voice , or tugging on your heart from the Lord to move to Gressier and within one year change the lives of Gods children and provide love, care, food, self respect, and an education that they crave so much. I have also experienced that overwhelming joy that sends tears down your face, with children in Haiti. Words can’t describe watching the children be so carefree, happy, eager to help and learn as you have shared with us and have experienced. My prayers is that we will meet one day and I can witness the changed lives of the children of Gressier. God Bless you and your ministry

  3. Hi Megan,
    I love your ministry! A friend from church is leading a group to Gressier for a week this September with Children of the Nations. I’m considering going on this trip with my daughter, and would love to ask you questions about your experience in the area.
    God bless you and your ministry

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