As the Dust Settles…


For those of you that did not read about Son of God orphanage, you should probably read that post before reading this one.



These last few days have involved a roller coaster of emotion…frustration, doubt, joy, peace, confusion and more…it’s included successes, big ones…and failures…even bigger.

Fighting for almost a year for something like this has been challenging and exhausting, but well worth it.  It has showed me how God has called us to Fight for the Fatherless.  And when he says fight, he means FIGHT.  To OPEN our mouth for the mute and DO something, not just know what happens and ignore it, or feel helpless.

With all of the abuse, neglect, trafficking etc. of these children, my heart has been broken.  Torn out really, at the fact of KNOWING something, SEEING something, but not being able to change it fast enough.  With all of these frustrations and challenges these last 10 months here in Haiti have been rough…

But, just when you think there is no more good in this world, when you feel that you’re a voice screaming against the wind with no one listening…there’s a glimmer…and there’s hope.  Divine Hope.  Hope whispering in your ear to continue.  To keep going.  To focus on HIM and HIS voice, no one else’s.  To know that what HE says is above all.

Fighting to close this orphanage and relocate the children has been enormous.  At times, enormously impossible.  But God continued whispering to keep going.  To fight.  To speak.  And sometimes to yell 😉

He divinely connected me with so many individuals throughout this process that have the desire to fight and the faith to do it without fear.  Without fear of what evil can do.  Without fear of what other people can do.  Without fear.  Because God is BIGGER.  And because fear should NEVER be a louder voice than God’s.

Thank you to the many warriors in Haiti and America who desire to remain unnamed and who are working tirelessly to finish what God has put on our hearts to fight for.

Although 39 children were removed from Son of God orphanage last Friday, we were missing 40 children.  With amazing, relentless warriors working together we are now only missing 34 children.  Every day the fight continues.

Every time the dust began to settle on this “case”, God whispered in my ear…”These are MY children, YOUR brothers and sisters, they NEED your voice.  Keep fighting!”

He has blessed me with divine energy to keep going.   He has blessed me with Amazing support here in Haiti and in the states.

These are the reasons that I am able to keep going.  To keep fighting.  To believe in FREEDOM for these children, and to fight for it.  No matter what it takes.

Every time the dust begins to settle now, God whispers again…”You are not done.  Keep fighting!”

FREEDOM for these children includes not only safety, but also FREEDOM in their Identity in Christ.  Freeing them from their past and recognizing their scars, struggles and fears which is essential to these children healing and knowing that they are NOT forgotten.  That God loves them and is holding them tight right now.

This is not over.  We are closer…Closer to finding FREEDOM, not just for all the children at Son of God orphanage but for many more children in Haiti.

With God’s prompting and gentle urging, I know that the dust will not settle.  It won’t settle on these children, and it won’t settle on their pain, suffering and struggles.  God will continue to whisper in my ear to fight for these kids with every ounce of my being, every ounce that HE has given me.

Thanking EACH of YOU for your support in signing the petition.  For your support in sharing this blog about these children.  And in your support for opening your hearts and using your voice.  Even ONE person’s voice matters.  Thank you.

“So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.  What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.  And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.”  Matthew 10:27

5 thoughts on “As the Dust Settles…

  1. Thank you Megan. You are a relentless warrior. I’ve been rallying all the troops I can since I read the report about ’46 children’ and knew that meant many were missing. Yup, I’m on here at midnight because I’ve been checking your wall and my friend’s walls since they got there hoping for word, not allowed to rest until those children are truly free in body and spirit. Many of us fasted and prayed yesterday, and I will organize a broader community fast/prayer as this level of evil is certainly of the category in which Jesus says, “This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” I will continue to fight and pray and do whatever I can, but for now, know that myself and many others are holding you up in prayer too for the journey ahead. Yes, He is bigger than the obstacles, the evil, the corruption and the lies and we fight on knowing this is a good work He has begun and His promise is that He will bring that to completion. Megan, thank you again for fighting. I stand alongside you in this fight in spirit and in flesh if that helps too.

  2. Good Morning Megan, thanks so much for all you have done to help the children of Haiti. But, I am reminded, that you haven’t done anything, but allowed HIM to do and be all that was needed in and through you. Not sure if you are aware of Mike Wells death a few weeks ago, Mike is a man of God who taught one message, worldwide, “There is nothing the nearness of Christ cannot overcome”. One of the many things that Mike liked to say was: “The Man who did everything, did nothing”, speaking of Jesus. So, I say to you, that you have done a wonderful job of doing nothing, nothing but letting Jesus do all that has been done in Haiti through you. It is so hard in the natural to accept that “without Him we can do nothing”. We tend to decide that surely we can do some things, and we can, but without Him, those some things are worthless. I thank God that you have recognized this and demonstrated to the world that there is no way you could have done the things that have been accomplished, but you have been willing to accept that Col 1:27, (Christ in me the hope of glory) and Galatians 2:20 (not me but Him) is true for your life. Have a blessed day, my friend and keep on letting HIM do it all. Love you,

  3. You are a amazing person and GOD has blessed you GREATLY and wil continue to bless as you continue on this path in life. I am amazed at the work you are doing and have such a joy to see someone out there FIGHTING for these children. I am proud to say I know you even though its not very well and had the priveledge to go to school with you. Please let me know if i can help out in any way and will continue to pray for the smoke to clear as you continue on this journey and time in your walk with Christ. Just keep beliveing in him and keep your head held high and all thing will work out in his way and remember his time! Though I see you are very patient but a strong WARRIOR at the same time! AWESOME to see God’s will being completed just AWESOME! All I can say to you is thank you!

  4. Megan, I will continue to pray for you and all those Babies and children who have been harmed and those yet to be found.God knows where they are. May mighty angels, from the throne of God surround, protect and rescue thease little treasures and may the beauty of the Lord our God be apon them always.May they have great favor and may Jesus show up every single day for them and may blessings over flow for them from The Father now and forever. Amen and Amen……………Blessings Eva English

  5. It is a good thing for my heart to break again. I ask my Savior to forgive me for my laziness in prayer. I ask you the same. May His love be perfected in all His children for the change the world really needs. Thank you Megan. Thank you Jesus. Col. 3:3. Chuck, Loveland, CO

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