Too Much Rubble

“The strength of those who bear the burdens is failing.  There is too much rubble.  By ourselves we will not be able to rebuild the wall.”  Nehemiah 4:10

Every time I read this, three words stand out to me.

Too much rubble.

Anyone who has ever been to Haiti or maybe even seen pictures has had this thought—“Too much rubble”—they think and question, “How do you start over, rebuild, remove this rubble, there’s too much?”  Then you have the thought maybe briefly, maybe forever, that this task is impossible—

— And then you realize, it is impossible, for ANY human.

After being here for over 8 months, it is SO clear to me, by ourselves we will not be able to build it.

But the (re)building has less to do with the funds, the manpower, the organizational initiatives.  It has to do with on what foundation the rebuilding takes places.

Haiti is a country that was built on Voodoo.

People say that 30% of the country is Catholic, 60% of the country is Christian and 100% of the country is Voodoo.  Whether or not this is a true statistic or whether I believe this or others believe this is not the point, the point is the amount of confusion in this country.

Our God is not a God of confusion, He is a God of PEACE.   (1 Corinthians 14:33) When there is confusion it is NOT from Him….therefore, since this country’s inception over 200 years ago…Haiti has placed themselves smack dab in the middle of this confusion.

Haiti is a country that was built on slavery.  And what is slavery?  Injustice, Bondage.

Our God is a God of FREEDOM.  “For freedom Christ has set us free…” (Galatians 1)

In a place where there is STILL open and active slavery with the situation of Restaveks, God has SHAKEN this country and is shouting Freedom!

We here in Gressier have seen freedom in Christ in the form of this—- Education.

There is no free education in Haiti, in order to go to school you must pay a fee…then buy the matching uniform, ribbons, socks…not to mention books, school supplies.

Just imagine, creating a generation of children who become teens who become adults who CANT read…write…or think!

This is why God has empowered Respire Haiti with this vision to build a school for over 300 Restaveks and Child Slaves.

This is why God has shown Respire Haiti that the way to be rebuild does not begin with an actual building…it begins with building a foundation with Christ as the Source.  As the strength.

It begins with recognizing that Gressier is a community that will and can be rebuilt and CHANGED.  In a community that has had 70-75% of it’s buildings crumbled…where there are thousands of Restaveks…it can begin here.

It can begin with our 25 teachers and administrators who hurt when our children hurt…who know and believe 1 Corinthians 12:26

“…the members may have the same care for one another.  If one member suffers, all suffer together…”

There is NOT TOO MUCH RUBBLE…Thank God for this scripture to encourage and empower us…“What is impossible with me is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

If you are interested in supporting Respire Haiti Christian School, please visit or click here to donate!

Michaelle Building a school


Building Respire Haiti Christian School




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