Equipped for Everything.

“Now may the God of peace…equip you with everything good that you may do his will…” Hebrews 13:21

I have been clinging to this verse over the past week…and when I say clinging I mean it.  Desperately holding on to God’s promise and Word that HE has equipped me with ALL the strength, patience, endurance , wisdom and love that I need…

Respire Haiti is in the midst of construction, building a school on Bellevue Mountain for over 300 Restaveks and vulnerable children…between trying to raise funds for the school, making sure everything is running smoothly and encouraging families and caregivers to register children for school…there are many challenges in Gressier…but to be honest there are much more challenging and emotional things then this that are happening…

When I received custody of Michaelle…her father brought me her mother’s death certificate that was written on a torn and tattered piece of loose leaf paper…it said her mother died in the presence of her husband and two children….when I first read that I think I glanced over it and put that information somewhere to settle in the back of my mind…somewhere, I’m pretty sure it registered that the paper said TWO children…not just ONE.

I put Michaelle to bed a few weeks ago and she began to explain to me how she had room in her bed for another person and wanted to go to an orphanage and choose a girl to live with us….I laughed and told her I love her heart and put her to bed.

But God was working…if the letter that I read didn’t get my attention…Michaelle’s heart and sweet spirit woke me up…

The next day I called her father…I wanted to know who this other child that was present at the death of his wife was and where she was living since her dad had never mentioned her…Through our conversation, even though I inquired about her sisters whereabouts, I think I already knew where she was and what she was doing…as I realized she was in the same situation Michaelle was…I immediately extended the invitation to her father to bring her sister to my house so Michaelle and her sister could live together, I couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth…I sort of just heard them and then wondered who said it.

I kept thinking…I am NOT capable of this.  I CANNOT take care of, heal and parent another child that has been hurt, abused, neglected, given away.

But God knew better…the words came out and I could hear Michaelle’s dad say he would go pick her up from where she was living and bring her to me in two days.

I got off the phone somewhat in shock…as I let everything process a bit I decided to ask Micha if she knew she had a sister…her eyes widened and she said, “Yes, I think I have one.”…as I sat kind of puzzled, I asked Michaelle what her name was…as Micha squinted her eyes really hard, her response broke my heart when she told me quietly she couldn’t remember her sister’s name.

Two days later I received a phone call in the morning saying that Michaelle’s dad was on the way with her sister…I couldn’t even imagine what her sister looked like…or how old she was…or her name even…ironically while we were driving home from an orphanage earlier that morning (and before I knew that Michaelle’s dad was coming) Michaelle looked over at me and said…”My Sisters name is Jessica just like the little girl at the orphanage!” and smiled and turned around.

God was helping me get ready for this reunion already…

Later that day, as I told Michaelle we were heading back to the house because her dad was there with her sister…I could see her face change to excitement and nervousness…as we arrived at our house and walked onto the porch slowly my heart nearly exploded when I saw Michaelle and Jessica’s reaction…

….As Micha got on her knees to hug her 4 year old sister…Jessica gasped…”MICHA!”  And they hugged…I could not help but be overwhelmed with the fact that they had not seen each other in so long that Michaelle didn’t even remember her name.  As Jessica sat on the floor looking at Michaelle and taking in everything, I quickly went to the bathroom to take a second to process what just happened and to reread Hebrews 13:21…

In the midst of praising God for Michaelle and Jessica’s precious reunion (okay, and bawling my eyes out)…God reminded me that HE is MY Rock and HE is THEIR rock.  He has already equipped me with everything I need to do everything that He has called me to do.

It’s only been about a week since Jessica has arrived…and there are many adjustments that have had to be made and rules to be understood and behavior that is being learned…but God has blessed us with many things….I have seen the amazing way He has healed, helped and loved Micha and I KNOW that HE is working.

Despite the constant cleaning up messes…despite the frustration with not only parenting but parenting in another language…God continues to give me Hope.  Hope for Restaveks.  Hope for these children.  Hope for sisters.  Hope for family.

These sisters are already inseparable and bonded in ways only God could create…When Michaelle looked at me yesterday and said…”I’m glad my sister is here, I needed a friend and she needs one too”….I KNEW that this was right and that God has blessed them with each other and blessed me with them.

11 thoughts on “Equipped for Everything.

  1. Megan,
    I know that God will provide everything that you need as you navigate this process and learn about parenting and raising children. I am awed by your obedience and blessed to participate in what you are doing through prayer. It has been awhile but we met once a few years ago and it has been awesome to follow what God is doing in your life. May the Lord show you the reality of 1 Cor 2:9 as you seek him.

  2. Megan,

    It was such a blessing to spend the week with you and share in your love and compassion for the people of Haiti. Michaelle and Jessica are precious children of God, and it was a blessing to be a part of your family during our mission trip. Holly

  3. What a blessing of God, to be given two such precious children to parent and to love. Thank you for your obedience. May God continue to strengthen you and to bless His work which He is accomplishing through you!

  4. Wow Megan your better than a superhero! I can’t tell you how proud I’m of you! (like that means anything from a 16 year old, but I’m!) I’ll be praying for you to have understanding and paicents with your two adorible daughters! And that they would couroperate, listen, and obey their wonderful mom! I’m sure it’s hard to change their previous ways, like hitting and all those things they do that they don’t know better. Was Jessica in an orphanage or at a home working as a slave? I also want to pray for everything there and here to go well while your on your trip. I can’t even think of how dificult and stressful your life is right now! But I pray that you know at all times that God is right beside you, and so am I! I love you a lot! See you soon super-superhero! 😉

  5. I waited all day to read this. Madison was so excited she told me about it earlier. I noticed the comment that you made on your previous blog about “two children”. I said whaaaat, where and just started praying. Thank you Megan for being clay in the hands of our Lord! What a great adventure!

  6. Awesome Megan!
    I just iling so proud for you as I read the news of custody of Michaelle and the arrival of Jessica!!!!

  7. Wow Megan your stories are absolutely incredible, such an inspiring journey that you are on with two beautiful little girls by your side! We love reading your blog and are praying for you as you continue to walk by faith!

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