The Impossible

“Sister Megan!”…”Teacher Megan!”…”Momma Megan!”….”Megans!”…”Morgans!”….”Sister Morgan!”… the names that I am called go on and on…if it even sounds close to my name I answer…it’s laughable and loveable the fact that people who don’t know my real name call out to me when I’m walking around Gressier…sometimes I even wake up in my bed to children calling my name outside of my gate.

To be perfectly honest there have been times where I have been overwhelmed with this…ME trying to be everything to everyone…whether someone has a dog bite that needs cleaning, or their sandals have broken, or they don’t have enough money to take their final exams…the need here is endless…and what God has been showing me is that I have a limit, but HE does NOT. He has continued to show me that when I get absorbed and focused on what I have to do, the meetings, the planning, the budgeting…and I feel like I HAVE to succeed… that Gressier NEEDS this…these children NEED me to succeed…HE reminds me that it’s not about SUCCESS. It’s about Faithfulness. Trust. OBEDIENCE.

I have to be okay with everything (or some things) failing because the goal, God’s goal, is not for everything to work out “perfectly.” The goal is to TRUST God with this. To trust what GOD says over what I think or what people say.

God has said this school that we are building on Bellevue Mountain in Gressier will be built by the start of the new school year. The teachers and principal believe this will happen and have been praying for this. It overwhelms me to think I may let them down…but then God reminds me. OUR goal is to GLORIFY Him through everything. Not to just build a school.

Friday was the children’s last day of school, as they were fed breakfast for the last time this school year, they all looked at me and asked if they would be fed breakfast every day when school starts again. I promised them they would, and saw the delight in their eyes…the LIGHT that I didn’t see 5 months ago…the HOPE.

As I looked through the rows of children and thought about each of their stories, I thought about the task ahead….Building a school in 2.5 months….in a 3rd world country (or 5th world as Haiti is often called)…NOT skimping on quality of material or quality of work…it sounds difficult…almost impossible. But GOD says it’s possible, so I am choosing to BELIEVE God, not others or myself.

I love this quote by CT Studd….

“Christ wants NOT nibblers of the possible, but grabbers of the impossible.”

What I am doing is impossible. And I’m glad it is this way, because then there is no way I could EVER take credit for it.

Thank you Jesus ☺

If you are interested in donating to the building of the school, please click here!

One thought on “The Impossible

  1. “What I am doing is impossible. And I’m glad it is this way, because then there is no way I could EVER take credit for it.” The best definition of Christianity ever!

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