Perfect Fit…

“Any fool can count the seeds in an apple. Only God can count all the apples in one seed.”

Sometimes I wonder why in the world God would trust me, inadequate me, to get things done here.  Many days I feel like I’m blind for what is going to happen next and I’m faced with huge tasks that seemingly have no solution.  But then God ALWAYS reminds me- I AM inadequate, but HE is adequateHE knows all and places things perfectly together.  My job is just to be obedient and TRUST Him.

Living here in Gressier is the ultimate test of that, it’s like one big puzzle…God likes to add certain crucial pieces in HIS timing that keep me confident that I am here only because HE wants me to be.

The last few weeks have shown me exactly this…they have been challenging and interesting because my lease for my house expires at the end of June.  I had been praying for something to come up or for something new and nothing had come… I knew God would pull through on finding a place, and if He didn’t, I knew that He had other plans for me.  Last week I had a moment of frustration where I felt like I should search harder for a place or at least begin asking…but me being white and female always adds an extra challenge…so I decided to wait.

A few days ago my friend Kathryn and I decided to go for a run….we made it to the end of a hill and had to stop…when we stopped she looked over and saw a man watching some individuals work on a house…Kat looked at me and said, “I really think you should ask that man if he knows of a house to rent”…I looked at her like she was crazy because I was tired, couldn’t breathe, stunk and really didn’t feel like getting the normal funny look when I opened my mouth and out pops Creole…so I waited a minute and she insisted again…so finally I asked.

Of course, because God is so great, this guy had a house to rent.

We went to look at it and it was pretty good but they were still working on it, he and his family were living there and he didn’t think it would be ready by July 1st– so Kat asked if we move there where he would move, and he said he had another house but an organization was staying there….so we asked if we could see that one….

We walked up and it’s a beautiful house that CAP ANAMUR (A German organization) is renting…we met the guy who is working for the organization, Thorsten, and we told him a bit about what we’re doing in Gressier…after talking for a little while he offered to sublet the bottom floor to us from July to September!

Of course we were elated, so I say yes.

The next day was the grand opening for Michaelle’s school (she had been meeting under a tent) and now the building was ready.  I wanted to take Kyle (Respire Haiti’s builder for the school who was in from California) to visit it.  As I walked in the gate, the first thing I see is a HUGE logo for CAP ANAMUR on the side of the building….I start putting puzzle pieces together and realize that Thorsten built Michaelle’s school!

Kyle then got to meet with Thorsten and his foreman, asked him questions about material and designs, got to know a lot more about building a school in Haiti…

So long story short…in the last week, I found a perfect house to rent, found someone who just finished building a school and is very knowledgeable AND we will be living below him for the next 3 months…and I have realized that ONLY God knows how He is going to fit these puzzle pieces together.  Every time I try to plan or put things together…He works things out better than I could have imagined!  It is such a BLESSING to see how he continues to work…

2 thoughts on “Perfect Fit…

  1. Dear Megan –

    I LOVE hearing how God is working through you and in Haiti! I was with Gateway and Journey on the trip a few weeks ago – you kindly took us to your house. Our memories of our day with you at the feedings have so impacted me. I’ve told your story many times. Your faith – and your moments of frustration – speak to me deeply. You are in my prayers often. Know that you are not alone.

    Love and prayers,
    Barbara Harrison

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