Great Works of God.

“I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” Hudson Taylor

When I first visited Gressier…I looked around and thought how someone else could do a great job with everything here.  I saw the need, I saw the children and I saw myself and thought, “Too much, Too big, Not me.”  

Then, I moved to Gressier…and still thought…“Too much, Too big…but I’m here.”

And then God gave me 97 precious children to send to school…and 350 children to feed every week and I still thought…”Too much, Too big…I’m here…how do I do this?”

And then God gave me land…lots of land…and then it hit me…”Too much, Too Big…for me…but NOT for God.”

There have been SO many times that I have felt like I would just NOT be able to figure out what to do next.  Or I would hit a wall and not know where to turn…but GOD always comes through.  Like when we began building our fence out of barbed wire and wood (picture above- because we wanted our fence to look like every other persons fence on the mountain)…but then in the midst of the building, two Voodoo Priests who live near started yelling and screaming about how our fence would block “their road” (which ironically enough neither of them had cars nor had I ever seen them use cars) but anyway, they were concerned and by that I mean yelling angrily.

So I sat, and I listened about how they told us they would tear down the fence at night and destroy it.  And I thought, alright God, this is YOUR land, this is YOUR fence, this is YOUR plan.  As I sat under my tree and listened to their yelling, I thought about how ultimately God wins…and then the next thing I knew the two Voodoo Priests picked up shovels, one in his “I Love Calculus” Shirt, and the other in his Laker’s jersey…and they started digging a hole for a wooden pole.   The Voodoo Priests went from wanting to tear down our fence to to fixing it last week when a cow knocked down a pole.  God wins.

But then, I had another “dilemma” when the owner of the land next door found out what Respire Haiti was doing, he wanted to sell his land to us, for a very good price…but it would have nearly zeroed out our account.  But God was saying ‘GO’ and so I went…I said Yes, started the paperwork and in 3 days…2 organizations that were already in Haiti donated the exact amount needed for the land.  God wins.

I think…”Too much, Too big” and God says…”YES for you!  But NOT for me!”

Respire Haiti has a builder coming up next week to start the plans for the school, which God has said will be up by September when my kids start school again.  People have questioned that timing, said it’s too hard, too fast, too much, too expensive…but God.  God is bigger.  God makes all things possible.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37

What God is doing in Gressier is amazing.  He has started a school for 97 children, where 80% of those who attend are Restaveks….He has found BEAUTIFUL land to build a school for over 300 children and land to build our pavilion for the feeding program (and eventually a medical clinic)…

When people come to visit the feeding program or the school…I stand back in amazement with them at what GOD has done in such a short 6 months.  I look at all the children He has put in school and am HUMBLED that I have been able to play a roll in all this.  I often say I am just a bystander watching the whole plan come to fruition and I am SO blessed that I have been given the opportunity to help.

Thank you Jesus for what you have and are doing in Gressier!

If you would like to donate to the building of the school or the pavilion for the feeding program please CLICK HERE.

3 thoughts on “Great Works of God.

  1. I too am starting to get used to the Too much, Too Big…for me…scenario. However I find it strangely comforting now because I can never fall into the trap of thinking “I did that” because I know darn well that I couldn’t have done it without God. I love that about His wisdom why would He give us something we can do in our own strength, too easy for us to trip over our own pride. Love you Megs.

  2. SOO happy to hear about everything God is doing through you, Meg. I just knew He had wonderful, wonderful things planned! This is the fruit of your suffering and sacrifice. Much love and many prayers for you.

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