Endless Need. Endless God.

Sometimes I am afraid to walk out of my gate in the morning, I never know who or what awaits me.  Sometimes I am afraid to walk a different path to my school or to our feeding program, because I never know who I will see or what I will discover.  It’s the common saying here in Haiti, “Beyond Mountains, there are mountains.” The need here in Gressier and in Haiti is endless.

Just a few days ago I visited a new area of Gressier where there are 300 children who do not go to school…a few days before that I visited a school where 85 children attend, it crumbled in the earthquake and so they have school outside under a hot tent and someone had just recently stolen their chalkboard.  I could go on and on.  Endless Need.

With all of this in front of me, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  To know that there is SO much need and I will never reach the bottom…it’s easy to get discouraged…but then at this exact moment God reminds me of who HE is.  HE is a God of endless love.  Endless Power.  Endless Strength.  Endless EVERYTHING!  Whatever I think I need, HE already has for me.

With all of this need and all of this chaos I struggle sometimes with the idea that as a young, single girl in my 20’s, how capable am I?  Really, how much can I help?  But then God gives me the answer.

“I am the vine, you the branches.  Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5

My role here in Haiti is not to try and meet the needs in and of myself.  What God wants for me is to follow Him completely.  For only in HIM am I capable.  For only in HIM am I able to meet the needs here in Haiti.

Lord, I pray that you remind me of this every time I have the slightest worry or hear the slightest doubt of others.  Please build me up in YOUR strength, and in YOUR adequacy.  Even though there are always Mountains beyond the Mountains in Haiti, thank you for being an Endless God to meet this Endless need.

One thought on “Endless Need. Endless God.

  1. Megan,
    I am praying for the children of Haiti today, praying for the 300 children with no access to school, praying for the 85 children trying to learn under a hot tent. Praying that they will find a place to meet with a chalkboard, shade, and a clean, cool fresh water supply. I’m praying for school lunches and school uniforms, shoes for their feet and school breakfasts too. I’m praying for the teachers that must meet seemingly insurmountable obstacles in trying to teach with little or no resources – so I’m praying for pencils, paper, books, and bibles to come their way and renewed energy in their souls.

    Yes, Haiti’s need is vast and great. Thank you for sharing this with us lest we forget. I can’t imagine being in your shoes each day facing the hunger, poverty and despair that must surround you. But, more importantly, thank you for sharing how great and awesome is our God. For God is endless resources, endless strength, and endless love.

    Less than a week ago we Christians celebrated Christ’s resurrection into everlasting life and victory over death. Let’s leave our tombs and come forth living our lives as testimony to the love that Christ showed us. Let’s do this by living in victory each day where ever we are through prayer, through service, through love.

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