People are NOT Projects.

People are NOT projects, People are People.

I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before but don’t remember where…regardless the truth of his statement is SO powerful here in Haiti.

Since the earthquake January 12th there have been MANY people who have arrived in Haiti wanting to help…government workers, humanitarians, celebrities, missionaries…and included in this are the MANY projects that have been started since the quake.

But, The people of Haiti are NOT a project. The country of Haiti is NOT a project.

As I sit in my room tonight under my mosquito net (with no electricity and sweating profusely even though it’s February! Pray for rain here!). I can’t believe that I’ve only been back in Gressier for 12 hours…this morning two friends (shout out to my Ozzie friends 🙂 haha) brought me to Gressier so they could see it. Within the first few minutes of our walk to the mountaintop two young children spotted us. As they ran up and we all walked together, I asked them a few questions. Of course I knew after about one minute that God had brought them to us on purpose.

I know everyone wants pictures, but I can’t upload pictures (I’m typing this on my iPhone) this link may work though- but if it doesn’t here is my description, the two girls (on the left) we met were adorable! Joyful and Smiling even though you could tell they were malnourished and had never been around “blancs” before, definitely never got a hug or held hands with one 🙂 …one of them said she was 12 but looked 7…the other little girl said she didn’t know her age when I asked her. Neither are in school. (So now this makes 99 children who are identified who need to be in school).

Meeting these kids just made me see that no “project” would have ever found these children. Why? Because they are hidden in this city…because they are young and cannot fight for themselves. These are people, children- who need help. Who need a voice!

I pray fervently that the people here are never going to be a project (for me or anyone else). They are my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. I have never felt so welcomed, it was startling how I had SO many hugs and kisses given to me today…I was pretty late to the English class I am teaching in the afternoons but they were SO excited I had actually returned from the states and was back living in Gressier.

My heart is so filled with the people here in Gressier. They are beautiful, warm and inviting.  THEY will go without food so that I can eat.  Me, someone who has NEVER felt the hunger pains of going without food for days.  Someone who has NEVER had their house destroyed to the point of living under a sheet. I learn so much from their hearts. I am constantly humbled by their desire to help each other the best way they can. And I am so encouraged at their willingness to help me as well. Even though I was gone for 2 Saturdays, the feeding program on the mountain still took place…MANY people from Gressier volunteered to serve food and play games with the children…everyone who helped couldn’t wait to tell me how great it was, to tell me that there were so many kids smiling and laughing…that they ran out of plates…so much enthusiasm!

Beautiful excitement awaited me here…but so did amazing need…right away.

Day one back, after only 2 weeks away and the need I SEE here is overwhelming…I KNOW God is guiding my steps. My prayer Is that HE continues to give me strength. These children are in such need, they are beautiful, but helpless…they need to be fought for…these children in Haiti are the future of this nation. They need voices speaking for them now.

Proverbs 31:8

2 thoughts on “People are NOT Projects.

  1. I love this. It can be so easy to just want to “fix” people. But that’s not what God calls us to do. Just to love them.

    Popped over here from — I’m so glad I did!

  2. I soooo agree with you that people are NOT projects. I think it takes someone actually going to these countries, not just a short visit, but to keep visiting, to see the problems and come up with real solutions. And not American solutions, which though heartfelt most times is to Just give money once. Yes that’s great and it def helps a lot.but teaching people to work for money, buying a sewing machine for instance, well that works! I can attest to it. As you’ve said, these mothers want to keep their children but have no jobs. That’s what I constantly brainstorm about, sometimes it works and sometimes not……but just DOING SOMETHING is better than nothing at all.

    I used to try and ‘fix’ everything and person in the Philippines. Lol. I love the way you handle the situations you’ve been put in. It def takes humbling oneself, which I don’t always do so well. But I’m better!! But sadly, many full time paid missionaries I see….well they don’t even try. They TRY to impose their American ways on the locals, and not in a humble way. That breaks my heart….and I do speak up to them :).
    So sorry to go in about my stuff on YOUR blog!!!! But it’s soooo nice to communicate with someone walking this out and understands what I feel!!
    God bless you all!!! You are all in my prayers already. I do have a question, it may seem odd, but what is the name of the electrical company that ‘sometimes work?’ That’s what I do here in the states….work at a Power Co. I just found out earlier this week that we are trying to establish one in Haiti 😊😊😊. Isn’t that interesting…..


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